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Each year thousands of motorcyclist flock to our beautiful state for the chance to ride along the gorgeous coastline and through the lush, green mountainside. Riding a motorcycle gives a vantage point unlike any other, and it is ride that most will never forget.

Whether a veteran rider or just out for a weekend ride, the number one concern for all motorcyclists is safety. No matter how much safety equipment you use, or how well equipped your bike is if a motorcyclists is in a collision with an automobile – the injuries sustained by the biker will be much more severe.

What’s even more unsettling is that, in the case of a motorcycle versus automobile collision, the driver of the automobile is almost always at-fault. Motorcycles are a much smaller vehicle than a car or truck, and if drivers are not being cautious, it is easy to miss a motorcyclist. That is when disaster strikes.

Some of the most common circumstances that cause a motorcycle versus automobile collision are:

  • Cars or trucks turning into the lane of the motorcyclist
  • Cars or trucks failing to yield for motorcyclists at exit and entrance ramps
  • Road conditions that are poor
  • Weather conditions that are poor
  • Protective motorcycle equipment or wear that is defective

Each one of these scenarios can end in significant injuries and even death for the motorcyclist. While wearing a helmet is the best defense against permanent or long-term disability, bodily harm can still come in the form of traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injuries, amputation, and paralysis.

If you have suffered the trauma of a motorcycle collision, you need an experienced and skilled personal injury attorney on your side right away. The team at Shlesinger & deVilleneuve has been fighting for the rights of injured Oregon residents for more than forty years.

We know the intricacies and challenges of motorcycle accident cases and the biases that motorcyclists face. Society equates riding a motorcycle with being reckless or out for trouble, but there is significant evidence that is not the case. The insurance company will try to manipulate that social bias, but our team knows all about these tactics, and that means we know how to advocate for you despite them.

We will fight against the insurance company to secure you a fair and just settlement. If it is necessary, we will take your case to court because we believe all injured Oregonians deserve justice. When you contact our Lake Oswego office, we will first work on scheduling a free in-person consultation so that we can meet you and learn your story.

Then, we will begin to gather all of the information that we need to build the strongest case possible. There is no charge for our services unless we secure a settlement or judgment on your behalf – that is how confident we are that we can win for you!

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Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

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