What Does “Let Us Fight For You” Mean?

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What Does “Let Us Fight For You” Mean?

As you are aware, our web address is www.letusfightforyou.com. It also happens to be our approach to representing clients. Does this mean that we want to put on gloves at every opportunity, get in the ring, sound the bell and go to war? Of course not. It also is not meant to imply that we encourage our clients to file a law suit in every case when a settlement achieves a better solution.

What we hope to convey in our “let us fight for you” pledge is a message of assurance. If you are the victim of a car accident, dog bite, on the job injury, or other personal injury or workers compensation circumstance, you need to have a legal representative that is willing to step up to the plate and do everything necessary to help you.

Granted, sometimes, doing everything necessary requires filing a law suit and pursuing litigation. However, often times that is not the case. Rather, you need a representative experienced with the intricacies of the law to ensure that your interests are protected. When you are “done” with your car crash settlement, will you be responsible for outstanding medical bills? Will you need to pay for future medical treatment? Will your wage loss compensation end? Will you be paid for future loss of income or retraining if necessary?

There are a lot of questions and issues that must be addressed in settling a personal injury workers compensation claim. Many of these issues will not be brought up by the other side because they are not interested in protecting your rights. You must always remember that the insurance company for the other side or the employer is NOT working for you. Their interests are diametrically opposed to yours. They fervently guard the interests of their investors and shareholders. Their board of directors regularly monitor compensation payouts and place strict limits on these budgets.

Let Us Fight For You means that we are aware of this dichotomy of interest. Not only are we aware of it, but we come prepared to confront it head on. We know where we stand; we stand with YOU! It is very easy for a victim of a car crash, on the job injury, or other personal injury to be confused by the strategic bombardment of the insurance companies. With the multitude of forms you are asked to sign, releasing your medical records, wage records, tax information, and similar private materials it is no surprise many car crash victims feel further victimized by the insurance company following their accident. Further victimized by the process which follows shortly after an accident.

Truthfully, it does not have to be that way, and our team knows that! It is our knowledge, experience, resources, and devotion that drives every one of our attorneys to “fight” the insurance company on your behalf. We are not intimidated by the insurance company’s threats, lulled by their empty promises, or frightened by their methods. We understand their game, and more importantly we have mastered the rules of the game. We are fully prepared and equipped to fight back.

Often, fighting back means knowing what to prepare for during our client’s recovery from a car crash or a worker’s compensation injury. It may mean establishing certain records, exploring various evidentiary avenues, developing testimony and gathering data. It means knowing which documents to have our clients sign, which releases to reject, which statement to give and whether to allow those statements to be recorded. Let Us Fight For You means let us help you bring this case to a just resolution. Most times that can be accomplished by a fair settlement. Sometimes, however, it means a lawsuit must be pursued. At the end of the day, Let Us Fight For You means providing our clients with justice and peace of mind.

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