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Oregonians are serious about their bicycles! With miles of new bicycle lanes in Ashland, and plans in the works to expand the Bear Creek Greenway bike path in Medford, Southern Oregon rivals the city of Portland for being “bike friendly.” However, when there are a greater number of bicycles on the road that means there is a greater opportunity for bike accidents. Southern Oregon is full of beautiful Country roads and scenic highways – that don’t have dedicated bike lanes. Unfortunately, this means that bicycle accidents involving a car or truck are more likely. In fact, last year 3,000 bicyclists were either seriously injured or killed. Other than a helmet, a bicyclist doesn’t have much protection during a collision, so when a car and a bicycle collide – there is no contest.

  • Motorist emerging into the path of the cyclist
  • Cyclists turning into the motorists path
  • Cyclists riding off the pavement into the path of a motorist
  • Minor child playing on bicycle or riding too fast

In so many kinds of accidents, people often do not realize the severity of their injuries until after the adrenaline and stress of the accident has had a chance to settle; this is especially true in bicycle accidents. In addition, there is no protection for a rider’s body at all, which means that the back is particularly vulnerable, and this is a delicate area. An injury to a rider’s back or neck may seem relatively minor at first, however, because of the intricate nature of the back chronic conditions can surface well into the future. Even if you think your accident is relatively simple, it is imperative to get advice from a lawyer quickly; we can be your advocate and assist in conversations with the driver, law enforcement, and the insurance representative. We can help guide you in your options and what next steps you should take.

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The committed legal team at Shlesinger & deVilleneuve, have the experience to negotiate a settlement that will serve your best interests, and we are not intimidated by going to court if we must! When you contact our office a member of our team will discuss your case with you and schedule a legal assessment – with no charge to you! Call our office; we will get back to you the same day to set up a consultation. We work on behalf of our personal injury clients on a contingency basis; there is never any charge unless you recover compensation. At Shlesinger & deVilleneuve, our client’s welfare comes first – we will fight for you when you cannot!

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