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Oregon has been called “biker’s heaven” because we have some of the best motorcycle rides in the United States! Not only do we have beautiful countryside, we have miles of country roads and differing terrain – from sea coast to desert, which is why motorcyclist from all over the Country are attracted to Oregon. The challenge facing motorcyclist, however, is that – no matter how careful they are – they cannot control the actions of people driving trucks and cars. What is more upsetting, however, is that statistics prove that: 1) motorcycle riders are a few of the most defensive and safest drivers on the road, and 2) in nearly 75% of motorcycle vs. car accidents, the driver of the car is to blame. Injuries sustained by a motorcyclist are more often going to be more severe and serious than for the driver or passenger of a car. Even if the motorcycle rider is wearing a helmets, the neck and head areas are exposed and vulnerable, there is a greater chance of spinal cord injury (SCI), nerve damage, traumatic brain injury (TBI), amputation, paralysis, and death. The most common causes of motorcycle accidents include:

  • Automobile drivers turning into a motorcyclist’s lane, violating his or her right-of-way
  • Automobile drivers failure to yield to motorcyclists at highway exit and entrance ramps
  • Poor road conditions; potholes, uneven pavement
  • Poor weather conditions, poor visibility at night
  • Defective helmets, motorcycle equipment, or components

It is truly unfortunate that – with regards to accidents involving motorcycles – there is an unwarranted stigma toward “bikers” left over from their past depiction in the media. This is the mindset and attitude insurance companies often take when it comes to motorcycle accidents, and – despite all evidence to the contrary – this negative perspective will be used against the motorcyclist when it comes time to negotiate a settlement. If you have suffered injury or loss due to a motorcycle accident, our legal team can help, we understand all of the tricks the insurance company will use – and how to challenge them!

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