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Accidents happen every day, but when the cause of the accident is due to a property owner or manager failing to keep his property safe, then it may be cause for a premises liability claim. Inevitably, these accidents will happen at the most inopportune time; you could be having lunch with a friend, birthday shopping, or simply walking to your parking spot! When accidents like this occurs because of unsafe conditions due to the negligence of the property owner, the Premises Liability law comes into play. This law is meant to hold the property manager, owner, or any other third party liable in the event that an accident occurs on a property that they own or that they are responsible for, both private and public. Various circumstances can be considered an accident under premises liability law including:

  • Accidents that occur as a result of unsafe conditions in and around construction sites
  • Tripping over uneven flooring, torn carpeting, small steps, trash, etc.
  • Accidents caused by failure to repair or adequately maintain premises
  • Accidents that occur as a result of unsafe conditions in and around construction sites
  • Insufficient postings or lack of signs warning of a potentially unsafe condition
  • Slipping on wet, greasy, oily, or icy surfaces

The law firm of Shlesinger & deVilleneuve has provided guidance to injured Oregonians for nearly 45 years, and has earned a record that we are very proud of – we have secured favorable outcomes for over 95% of our personal injury clients! Due to their complex nature, proving a premises liability case is often difficult. If you have been injured due to hazardous or unsafe conditions on a property that the owner was or should have been aware of, it is imperative to retain the services of a legal team who has the skill and the resources to research the specifics of your accidents, gather the supporting evidence, and present the proof needed to prove your case. Our exceptional team of attorneys and top-notch legal support staff are dedicated to standing up to large insurance firms to aggressively represent your best interests!

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