Most Common On-The-Job Injuries

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When we’re at our workplaces, we expect to be safe and protected. The unfortunate reality is that workplace injuries are very common, and they are rarely the fault of the worker. Learn about some common on-the-job injuries that people face each day so that you may be able to keep yourself safe while you’re at work.

Slip-and-Fall Accidents

There are many reasons why someone may suffer a slip-and-fall accident, and just because you are at your workplace, it doesn’t mean you’re free from these hazards. Look out for wet or slippery floors, uneven flooring, poor lighting conditions, stairs without handrails, and more.

Dangerous and Moving Machinery

Many people work jobs that require the use of large and dangerous machinery. These machines are even more hazardous if they move or have moving parts. This includes factory equipment, farm equipment, and construction equipment. A long list of accidents may occur if one of these machines malfunctions or is used incorrectly.

Fire and Explosions 

There are various ways that certain workplaces can experience fires or explosions. Malfunctioning electrical equipment, dangerous and flammable chemicals, open flames, and more can all lead to things catching fire or exploding. While these cases are not as common, they can and often lead to very severe injuries.


Sometimes, the injury may not be caused by a specific hazard. A worker can suffer serious injuries simply through being overexerted, especially if they have a job that requires repetitive and stressful movements. A very common example of this is the development of back injuries, which can happen if someone is tasked with lifting heavy equipment or performing constant repetitive motion all day long.

We’re Here to Help

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