Motorcycle Safety Tips

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It’s not uncommon to see bikers taking to the streets when the weather is good, and the adrenaline associated with riding a motorcycle makes it understandably fun and thrilling. However, riding a motorcycle is an inherently dangerous activity, and this danger can be minimized by using your motorcycle safely.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Whether you’re riding down a residential street or zooming down the highway, the conditions of the area you’re in can spell trouble if you’re not paying attention. This includes potholes, speed bumps, debris, bad traffic conditions, low or impaired visibility, and sharp turns. Anything that can make a car ride uncomfortable or stressful can do the same to a motorcycle, but with greater risk of something going wrong.

Pay Attention to the Cars

While the stereotype may be that bikers are troublesome and irresponsible, many biking accidents are often cars’ fault for not respecting or paying attention to bikers. It’s not possible to predict everything a car may do, but make sure you’re keeping a lookout just in case you can avoid trouble. Being a defensive rider can sometimes save your life.

Wear Your Helmet

Helmets are often considered “uncool,” but they can be the difference between life or death when it comes to a motorcycle accident. Not only should you be using a helmet at all times, but you should also make sure your helmet is in good condition. Poor visibility, previous damage, or a manufacturer defect can all make your helmet-less helpful. Inspect your helmet regularly.

If Things Go Wrong

Unfortunately, no matter how safe you are on the road, there are always going to be situations that are out of your control. Whether a car cuts you off and sends you swerving or you run into some unexpected inclement weather, accidents happen, and they can be debilitating. If you were involved in a motorcycle crash due to an external factor, you have the right to get help, especially if you were injured by someone else’s recklessness. Contact Shlesinger & deVilleneuve to get the help you need.

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