Oregon Bicycle Riding Tips in the Summer

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If you choose to ride a bike in Oregon for your daily commute, Shlesinger & deVillenueve have some tips to keep you safe and legal for your bike trips.
1.    Watch out for pedestrians. Just as if you were in a vehicle, pedestrians have the right of way. Stop for people who walk!
2.    It is your job to ride with the flow of traffic and obey all street signs and lights just as the cars should. Consider a bicycle the same as a motorcycle when it comes to traffic laws. They aren’t any different for you than anyone else driving a vehicle.
3.    Use your hand signals every time. Hand signs can save your life! Always signal to let people know what you are doing (unless it is impossible or not safe for you to use your hand to signal).
4.    Use lights on your bike. A white light on the front with a red light/reflector on the back is required for riding after dark. This is the minimum you should do to be safe.
5.    If you like to listen to music while you ride, never cover both ears. This can distract you from hearing what is happening around you.
6.    Even if you have the right of way, assume that cars don’t see you until you know that they do by visual confirmation.
7.    Wear a helmet. It is the law if you are under 16!
8.    Let pedestrians know when you pass them. They must hear your warning.
9.    If you are in the riding in the city, it isn’t legal for you to ride on the sidewalks!
Biking isn’t always the safest way to commute to work! In Oregon cities, biking and walking can be just as dangerous if not more than riding in a car during rush hour. To stay safe on your way to work, choose a well-equipped bike and stay alert the whole time you ride. Get mirrors and lights for your ride in case there is low visibility when you ride during the day! If you get into an accident on your bike in Oregon, contact us and we can help you if you are hurt!

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