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E-scooters are a way for pedestrians to expedite their commutes for both work and leisure. In the larger metropolitan areas of Oregon, it is not uncommon to see tens or hundreds of e-scooter riders on the commute to work. Though Medford is not a huge city, it is likely that residents of our city visit larger areas like Portland, San Francisco, or Seattle for business or family trips. In those cities where e-scooters are increasingly popular, it is important to know your rights as a driver.

There are two types of accidents likely to be involved in; as a driver or as e-scooter operator. The first is when an e-scooter hits your personal vehicle. Hit and run crashes do occur, while some accidents are unavoidable. The scooter operator may speak with the driver to exchange information, but other times will intentionally flee the scene. The other scenario is, of course, that the driver of the motor vehicle strikes, injures, or even takes the life of the scooter operator. Whether these accidents are unavoidable for some reason or caused by negligence makes a significant difference in how the case moves forward.

No matter the scenario and string of events surrounding a scooter accident, the presence of a third party – the scooter company – complicates the situation. Even if no harm befalls either person involved, a little issue might still arise from damage to the scooter company’s property. It is rare to hear of a fatal accident involving a Bird or Lime e-scooter. However, as more individuals rely on them, even daily, drivers who spend any amount of time in metropolitan areas must consider the risk.

No matter how minor the accident, these cases are a new territory within the law and require utmost legal expertise and care. Here at Shlesinger & deVilleneuve in Medford, OR, we have the experience as accident attorneys to tackle your case involving an e-scooter today. You do not have to look far from home to find the legal care you need in Oregon. Here at our firm, we accept no fee from you unless we win your case. Call us today!


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