If you’ve been injured in an accident, you need a lawyer. You need Shlesinger & deVilleneuve Attorneys:

  • To make sure you get the compensation the law says you deserve.
  • To investigate the accident thoroughly, take pictures, interview witnesses, and tie down liability.
  • To protect you from settling for too little too soon.
  • To evaluate your personal injury case properly.
  • To review the progress of your medical treatment.
  • To see that your bills are paid by the appropriate insurance company.
  • To negotiate a fair settlement without going to court.
  • To take your case to court if the insurance company does not offer you a fair deal.

At Shlesinger & deVilleneuve Attorneys, P.C.. we have a reputation for results. When you hire our firm, you get:

  • Specialists.
    Our attorneys and their skilled legal assistants are experts in personal injury law. We continuously keep up-to-date with seminars, conferences, and in-house training.
  • Results.
    We have successfully settled and/or won over 500 injury and disability cases a year each year for the past 10 years.
  • Solid experience.
    Our firm has years of collective experience in personal injury law.
  • A team approach.
    Our attorneys consult with each other regularly, and when it’s time to settle, several attorneys evaluate your case.
  • A tough negotiator in your corner.
    We know your rights and how to fight for them.
  • Courtroom veterans.
    Our trial attorneys are experienced in the courtroom and are not afraid of going to trial when necessary. This makes a fair settlement more likely.
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We take the time to listen, and try to respond quickly to your concerns. Working with you as you recover from your injuries, we develop your legal case to its best potential and obtain fair compensation for your claim. As a client of Shlesinger & deVilleneuve Attorneys, P.C., you can expect prompt, competent and friendly legal representation.

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