Does Your Personal Injury Lawyer Care?

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Several months ago we received a call from an individual suffering from daily headaches.  He was in a car accident in Eugene almost two years ago and the headaches had not subsided.  Immediately following the car crash everything was hurting; neck, back, shoulders, arms.  He explained that treatments with his doctor, chiropractor and physical therapist alleviated most of his other pain within a year following the car accident, but the headaches stubbornly persisted.   We asked him what the MRI’s or CT scans revealed about his headaches and were informed that he did not have any such diagnostic testing done.  This was troubling news.

After speaking with this gentleman for the next hour our team learned that he was represented by a personal injury attorney from Texas.  He indicated the Texas attorney advised him that he needed to settle his claim before the expiration of the two year statute of limitation or he would forfeit his opportunity to pursue the claim.  He felt a tremendous amount of pressure to settle the claim and simply did not feel his attorney even cared about him.  When asked how he found this attorney he replied – on the internet.

He described how the attorney’s website was very impressive, pledged exceptional service and assured great results.  Now he felt his personal injury attorney was persuading him to settle.  When the caller suggested to his attorney that he might need more time he was advised by his Texas attorney that he would need to get a Eugene personal injury lawyer to file a suit and it could cost him more money.  After a great deal of introspection he decided to call our firm for advice.

Our team explained to the caller that we could assist him with his case and would contact his Texas attorney to work out the fee agreement so that it wouldn’t cost him any more money. We assured him that if more time was needed to investigate his medical condition we could either attempt to reach a tolling agreement with the other party to extend the statute of limitation, or file a law suit to preserve his claim.  He was relieved and we scheduled to meet the next day for an in-office appointment.  During the next several months our law firm took on his representation.

When the other side refused to agree to toll the statute of limitations we filed a law suit to protect our client’s rights. Now, with time on his side, our client was able to consult with the appropriate medical professionals, undergo the necessary diagnostic imaging, and have his medical issues properly diagnosed and treated.  While his headaches did not completely resolve, they significantly subsided.  He felt like he got his life back and was able to enjoy everyday activities.

We were also able to successfully settle his claim without having to try the case to the great satisfaction of our client.  We also were able to reach a fee sharing agreement with his Texas attorney so our client would not pay any more to have a Eugene accident attorney on his side.  When the case was over we were delighted to hear our client genuinely believed we cared about him as a person and about his case.


Our firm cares about our clients because they are our neighbors, gas attendants, grocers, accountants, police officers and everyone else that makes up our community.  Having a Eugene personal injury attorney, Medford accident attorney, Roseburg accident attorney or any LOCAL attorney can make all the difference in how you feel about your representation and how your attorney performs. Yes, personal injury attorneys do care. Our firm certainly does!!!


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