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While automobile manufacturers work hard to make vehicles each year with greater safety features than the last, there is one thing that they can’t account for or prevent – human error.

The fact is, thousands of automobile accidents happens each year in our City, nearly 12,000 to be exact, and not one of them could have been avoided by having a car that was made with additional safety features.

With the economy and the popularity of our great City of Portland growing – so grows the number of drivers and the chances of auto accidents. According to the most recent Portland Traffic Safety Report (2015), the most common causes of auto accidents include:

  • DUII: In 2015, 54% of all auto accidents that resulted in a fatality involved at least one driver who was driving under the influence of intoxicants
  • Speed: The majority of the auto accidents that occurred within Portland city limits last year were on roadways with a speed limit posting of more than 35 mph. In fact, according to the data, you are 25 times more likely to be involved in an auto accident in Portland while traveling on one of these roadways
  • Lane and Roadway Departure: When a driver fails to maintain position in his or her lane, and crosses into oncoming traffic. These types of accidents are typically related to additional factors such as DUII or driving while distracted.
  • Low-Light Conditions: Portland is a beautiful, green, and lush city – but, that is largely due to our climate, which includes dark or low-light conditions due to clouds and fog. These conditions can make it difficult to navigate roads, traffic, and obstacles.

Were you in an accident? You deserve compensation

Portland is one of the fastest growing cities in the Pacific Northwest, and that means that more people and more automobiles on the road. If you or someone that you care about experiences the trauma of an auto accident – even if it appears to be minor at first blush – don’t hesitate to contact our office for personal injury support right away.

With adrenaline and other stress hormones racing through your body immediately following the collision, it could take several hours or even days before you fully recognize the extent of your injuries.

It is important that you start the legal process of protecting yourself and your livelihood at the very start. A highly-skilled personal injury attorney can advise you how to proceed so that you are well protected from overwhelming medical bills, a loss of income, and even the expense of long-term disability care. From the moment that you contact Shlesinger & deVilleneuve, you will have a team of legal professionals in your corner. For decades, we have been successful at securing settlements for more than 94% of our clients who have been injured in auto accidents. This is a record we are very proud of because it means a new life for each one of those clients and their families. A life that is not buried under a mountain of debt due to an auto accident that was not their fault. Our attorneys know exactly how to navigate the legal system and personal injury laws to ensure that you will get the best possible outcome. We keep you and your family in mind and, work hard to ensure your future is protected.

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