Do You Qualify For Workers Comp?

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Some people erroneously think that in order to qualify for the benefits provided by worker’s compensation, your injury or illness has to be catastrophic. Not every illness or accident you suffer on the job has to be life altering to qualify for worker’s compensation benefits in Oregon. Also, an injury does not necessarily have to include negligence on the part of your employer. Relatively minor injuries caused by everyday motions and activities on the job such as repetitive motions or being called upon by a supervisor to lift even one extraordinarily heavy object, or to climb up an unstable ladder can lead to a number of injuries that could cause you to become disabled and potentially qualify for disability income benefits.

Back and Neck Injuries
There are many jobs and occupations where physical activity is required and the most likely injury to occur is a back injury. Back injuries can occur because of a one-time lifting of a heavy object or by repetitive lifting of lighter objects. Even the activity of climbing up and down ladders and jumping in and out of a delivery truck can cause slipped discs and wrenched lower backs. Chronic, debilitating pain can come from a pinched nerve or a herniated disc in the back. Any activity that can cause a back injury can cause a neck injury just as easily.

Knee and Hip Injuries
Knee joints can become worn and stressed over time by the physical demands of such occupations as package delivery, construction or warehouse workers. Constantly having to get in and out of a truck, potentially hundreds of times per day can cause a knee to buckle, cartilage to tear and tendons to become stretched. The same factors are true for warehouse or construction site workers where the physical demands of climbing ladder and lifting and carrying heavy objects are part of the job.

These are but a few examples of the many job activities and potential injuries that while not life threatening, can result in sufficient pain and discomfort to cause a worker to be unable to perform their job. A person is advised to document the moment an injury becomes serious enough to cause you discomfort by alerting your supervisor and your company’s human resource department. Also, keep a separate medical file for all your bills from chiropractors, physical therapists or other medical personnel you are seeing to treat your job-related injury.

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