Reasons Car Accidents Rise During the Summer

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Summertime brings more gatherings and people getting outside. People are going on vacation, traveling more, and doing a slew of other things that have them on the road. Unfortunately, more people on the road also means more negligent behavior that results in car accidents and injuries.

Summer Break

Summer break means that students are not in school, and they might be out and about. If they can drive, that increases the time these students will be on the road and potentially get into car accidents. The more people there are traveling on the roads, the more likely there are to be more accidents.

Inclement Weather

While there is a lot of sunshine during the summer, you can still encounter inclement weather. Bad weather events increase the chances of car accidents. Even the smallest amount of rain on the roadways can lead to dangerous situations. However, it’s important to remember that even the sunniest days can cause hazardous driving because of the sun’s strong glare.


Road construction is more prevalent during the summer because of the drier conditions. Unfortunately, construction zones create closed roadways and cause heavy congestion in other areas. This often leads to more cases of rear-end accidents.

Vacation Time

Summer is vacation time. Many people choose to drive to their destination, so there are more people on the road in locations they are unfamiliar with. They might stop suddenly, make sudden turns, or do something else unexpected. Be sure to leave in plenty of time so you are not rushed during your travels.

Summer is inevitably the time when more people are out and about. To try and stay safe while traveling this summer, be sure to stay off your cell phone and try to steer away from any other distractions. Remember to always plan your trips, too.

If you find yourself in an accident during your travels this summer, make sure you contact a trusted auto accident attorney to help. Get in touch with us at Shlesinger & deVilleneuve Attorneys, P.C. today.



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