Do I Have The Right To Pick My Own Doctor When Hurt On The Job?

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We are no longer surprised when clients tell us that they thought they were not allowed to choose or seek a doctor of their choice. They are almost always under the misguided impression that they were stuck with the doctor that their employer sent them to. This is almost never the case! We will talk to you about your current treatment, speak to you about any concerns you might have with your current medical providers, and provide immediate advice as to other and or better options. Making sure our clients are getting the best medical treatment that will allow them the fastest chance for recovery is a priority to us. The right medical provider will not only be able to facilitate and assist with your current medical needs, but will be able to assist in scenarios if your recovery does not go as planned. In those situations, the medical provider will often have to weigh in on any permanent physical limitations an injured worker might have. These physical limitations could be reduced strength, reduced or limited range of motion of a body part, weight lifting restrictions or even cognitive limitations. When our clients have such limitations, the medical provider is then usually asked how these limitations might affect their patients’ ability to do the job they were doing at the time of their injury. Having a competent and understanding doctor for these types of issues is paramount. It can literally mean the difference of receiving compensation for ongoing time loss if you are unable to work. It can mean the difference of receiving financial compensation for any permanent conditions you might have. It can mean the difference of receiving compensation for any permanent work limitations you might have.

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of finding the right medical provider for your particular case. This should be done immediately after getting hurt! We would be pleased to assist you with this important process and selection. The consultation is always free and fees are never collected unless we have recovered compensation for your injuries!

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