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Shlesinger & deVilleneuve Attorneys has been fighting for the rights of Oregonians and protecting their welfare in injury cases for decades. During that time, we have tried, arbitrated and settled thousands of cases and secured well over $200,000,000 in compensation for our clients. Below is a sampling of our previous and more recent cases and the results we obtained for our clients:

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Our client was driving his pickup truck on an icy highway near Klamath Falls when struck head-on by a semi-truck driving the opposite direction. Another semi-truck came upon the scene and due to the icy roads was unable to stop and struck the rear of our client’s vehicle. Client suffered facial and leg fractures. Client had multiple surgeries including the amputation of his big toe. Client was unable to return to his Military Reserve responsibilities and unable to work for over a year. The insurance company for the first semi claimed that our client crossed over the center line. We filed suit. We entered into a Mary-Carter agreement with the insurance company for the second semi. Multiple expert witnesses, accident reconstructionists, biomechanical experts, and doctors testified concerning speed, icy roads, and damage causation between the two impacts. The trial lasted 2 weeks. During jury deliberations, defendant insurance company number one offered one million dollars to settle, which was above their policy limits. The offer was rejected, and the jury returned a verdict of $2.73 million dollars and allocated defendant number one to be 99% liable, and defendant number 2 to be 1% liable.
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Our client was riding his motorcycle when the pickup in front of him made an illegal U-turn causing the two vehicles to crash. Our client sustained multiple injuries including a traumatic brain injury, multiple fractures to several areas of his body, partial amputation to his foot and several other wounds. His treatment was extensive requiring multiple surgeries and prolonged therapy. Unfortunately, some of his injuries became permanent preventing him from being able to return to work. This was a complicated case with several legal issues to be carefully reconciled and multiple experts to ensure all areas were thoroughly addressed. After more than two years our litigation team was able to secure a $6,000,000 settlement for our client.
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We represented a client who was a passenger in her family’s car, which, at the time of the accident, was driven by her husband. Husband lost control in snow and ice on a mountain pass car came to a stop. After the client and her husband got out of their car, another car crashed into them, trapping our client between her car and the guard rail. She sustained significant injuries, resulting in her leg being amputated. Before retaining our firm, the client had settled with the at-fault driver’s insurance for $25,000. After an exhaustive review of all her options, we negotiated a settlement of the maximum $300,000 policy limits on her underinsurance liability coverage. On top of that, we were able to negotiate with her husband’s liability coverage for the maximum limits of another $300,000.
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Our clients were a couple returning home from a shopping in Grants Pass Oregon when a vehicle traveling the opposite direction crossed the center line and struck them head on. The wife was killed upon impact and the husband suffered multiple injuries resulting in over a hundred thousand dollars in medical bills. The driver that crossed the center line was killed in the accident. Through diligent investigation we learned that the vehicle he was operating was a rental vehicle. Based on evidence at the scene of the accident, we were quickly able to secure a policy limit offer from his personal car insurance. However, we also discovered that the rental car was rented with a company credit card. We made a claim to the defendant’s employer, a global software development corporation, who subsequently denied that the driver was on the job at the time of the accident.
We knew this would be a fight. Our team was determined not to leave any stone unturned. We retrieved the driver’s laptop in the vehicle at the time of the accident, obtained five years of business expense reports that the driver would submit monthly to his employer, and took multiple depositions from coworkers around the country and in other countries. The employer resisted providing many documents and motions to compel were pursued, and orders to compel were obtained. We reviewed thousands of pages of records and hundreds of emails between the deceased driver and his coworkers. We were able to determine from these records that the defendant driver had a routine where he would drive to the Medford Airport from his home, and he would fly to various customers to provide software services. Because he had died, we were not able to depose him. We were sure that he was likely in route to the airport for work purposes, but we were being stoned walled by the corporation and the airlines concerning any scheduled airplane flights that the defendant was driving to at the Medford Airport.
After further diligence and motions to compel, we obtained the reservations for the flight that the defendant had scheduled. The timing of his drive would have brought him to the airport at the time of the ticket. We were also able to establish that the defendant driver maintained a substantial part of his employment was performed at his home office, and therefore, we could argue that he was traveling between work office sites. Shortly after receiving and presenting all the patterns of work of the driver, his airline ticket, and his emails, the defendant corporation entered into mediation, where the case was successfully settled for $1.695 million dollars.
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We sued the seller of a dangerously defective whipped cream dispenser. Our client was injured when the product exploded while used in the normal course. Our client sustained serious injuries, including a traumatic brain injury with a crushed skull, hematoma, and blood loss. We successfully prosecuted the claim and obtained a court judgment against the seller for $1,001,987.17.
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The flat-bed trailer of a semi swung across the opposing lane on a sweeping turn near Grants Pass, Oregon. The trailer collided with a vehicle with three occupants. A two-year-old child was killed. The others in the vehicle suffered minor injuries. Our investigation revealed that a heavy-duty brace on the flat-bed trailer had not been properly maintained and, as a result, broke and led to the collision. The defense argued that the child was not restrained in a child seat during the collision. The case settled for $1.4 million dollars.
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Our client was northbound on the I-5. She observed a deer crossing the freeway and stopping in her lane. As she approached the deer, she quickly decelerated to avoid crashing into the deer. The deer continued to cross, and our client immediately accelerated to return to freeway speed. The semi driver was following our client too closely and in excess of the posted speed limit. He struck our client’s vehicle, pushing her off the freeway and into the shoulder, where she came to a stop only after hitting a tree. The insurance company for the semi was uncooperative. We knew this would be a fight and immediately retained an accident reconstructionist to investigate. The expert inspected the vehicle and took extensive videos and photographs. He also secured the airbag control module from our client’s vehicle, which stored important information regarding our client’s speed and distance before, during, and after the accident. Utilizing this information. We were able to prove the semi-driver was negligent and culpable. Our client sustained multiple injuries, including fractures to her left femur, right heel, and left knee. After a two-year struggle and after drafting our complaint, we were able to convince the insurance company for the semi-driver to take responsibility and settle the claim for $518,000.
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Our client was a fourteen-year-old teenager legally crossing a main street after activating the flashing yellow lights at the designated crosswalk. The at-fault driver failed to stop and struck our client, flinging him several feet in the air before landing violently on the roadway. Our client suffered a traumatic brain injury, multiple fractures, abrasions, contusion, and road rash. After months of treatment and therapy, he was able to recover from most of his injuries with some lingering residuals. After a two-year fight, we secured a settlement for him in the sum of $850,000.
Shlesinger & devilleneuve attorneys, p.c.


Our client was on the job as a parking lot security attendant. She was inspecting the tags in the rear of one semi-trailer when another truck came up behind her and failed to come to a complete stop, allowing his truck to roll forward and strike our client, pinning her between the two trucks. As a result, our client sustained multiple injuries, including a laceration to her liver, rib fractures, pelvic fractures, and multiple fractures to her right leg. Before filing a lawsuit, the other insurance company requested a mediation where we were able to settle the claim for $675,000 successfully.
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Our clients were a mother and son. Son was the driver of the vehicle that was struck in an intersection on a country road by the defendant driving a large pickup. Mother sustained serious injuries, including a spinal fracture, rotator cuff tear, pulmonary embolism, and meniscal tear. Son also sustained multiple injuries, including rib fractures, labral tear of the right shoulder requiring surgical repair, disk herniation, multiple lacerations, and abrasions.
The insurance company for the at-fault driver refused to accept liability or make any settlement offers. Our team wasted no time filing a lawsuit and engaged in extensive document discovery and multiple depositions. We also lined up our experts to prove liability completely rested with the other driver. Just before the trial, we participated in a settlement with the judge and were able to settle the cases for a total of $940,000.
Shlesinger & devilleneuve attorneys, p.c.


We represented a family in a wrongful death case involving a claim that defendant negligently provided access to a firearm facilitating a suicide. The case went to trial and we won. We obtained judgment in the amount of $405,045.
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We represented a client operating a semi-truck and was rear-ended by another semi-truck at a high rate of speed. The traumatic impact caused our client multiple injuries, primarily to his upper body, resulting in his needing to undergo extensive medical treatment, including neck surgery. One of the challenges in this case was determining the correct defendant due to the multiple potential corporate entities having a stake in it. We initially filed suit against ten different entities and, after litigation were able to resolve the claim with the correct entity for $500,000.
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Our client, a young man in his twenties, was a passenger in a car that was struck by the at-fault driver. This was a hard-impact crash resulting in our client sustaining numerous injuries, including multiple fractures, traumatic brain injury, and coma. After extensive litigation, we proved to the insurance company of the at-fault driver that they were responsible for their insured’s action, and we obtained the maximum limits of $1,000,000.
Shlesinger & devilleneuve attorneys, p.c.

Family Compensated For Witnessing Grandma’s Crash

We represented an elderly woman injured while driving to visit her family on a sunny summer afternoon.  A sheriff’s deputy was distracted by his monitor and rear ended her stopped car at over 55 miles per hour, resulting in a horrific impact to her vehicle.  Our client’s son, daughter-in-law, and three grandchildren were all waiting on their front lawn and witnessed the Sheriff’s SUV smash into their loved one’s small sedan.  Her family initially feared she was killed, but she in fact sustained serious yet survivable injuries from which she made a good recovery.  Because the person at fault was employed by the county government, we complied with the Oregon Tort Claims Act by providing the appropriate notice of claims.  After extensive investigation and negotiations, we obtained a favorable settlement for our client to compensate her for her medical expenses and for her serious injuries.  What’s more, we knew that the Oregon Supreme Court recently expanded the possibility for family members to assert claims for negligent infliction of emotional harm and that this change in Oregon law would benefit our client’s family who witnessed this traumatic event.  We provided the appropriate tort claim notices and then assisted all five individuals in obtaining fair and reasonable compensation for their emotional trauma.        

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Insurance Company As Bad Actor

Our client suffered spinal fractures in his lower back while helping his cousin work on the brakes on his GMC Denali.  After finishing the brake work, our client was pinned by the Denali against a garage work bench due to his cousin’s negligence.  Our client and his cousin both had the same insurance company for their auto insurance.  For this incident our client was entitled to insurance benefits, including personal injury protection (PIP) medical benefits, PIP wage loss benefits, compensation for bodily injury, and underinsured motorist benefits.  Despite having a valid and legal right to these benefits, the insurance company denied all benefits for our client.  Over and over again, the insurance company called our client and his cousin liars, cheats, and a fraud.  After giving them a chance to do the right thing, we sued the insurance company on behalf of our client.  The insurance company continued to deny the claims and vigorously defended the case.  Undeterred, we obtained discovery and introduced evidence to prove that the claims were valid and the incident was witnessed by at least 3 other individuals.  Ultimately we forced the insurance company to pay a settlement that included 100% of the available compensation for bodily injury and underinsured motorist benefits, all of our clients medical bills, all of his lost wages, and his reasonable attorney fees. 

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Wrongful Death

We represented the personal representative of a man killed by a careless driver while riding a friend’s motorcycle.  We investigated the incident and searched extensively for ways to compensate his heirs, including his young daughter.  We were able to procure insurance policy limit recoveries from the person who was responsible, as well as using the ‘stacking’ provision of Oregon’s underinsured motorist law to add two additional sources of recovery.  For the wrongful death action we initiated a probate case, sought, and obtained the appropriate orders to collect and distribute the proceeds.  For the minor child, we opened the conservatorship action in the probate court and facilitated the use of structured settlements to help pay for her education and for her future needs.                                

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Uninsured Driver

Our client was seriously injured when he was hit by an uninsured driver who stole a vehicle and ran a red light.  Our client’s medical bills exceeded $525,000.0.  Since the at-fault driver did not have insurance, we pursued an uninsured claim through our client’s own insurance to get him a settlement. The real hurdle was to make sure all our client’s medical bills were covered.  We worked effortlessly to negotiate his outstanding medical balances.  He eventually walked away with a positive recovery (both physical and financial) and no outstanding medical bills. 


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Uninsured Motorcycle

Our 27-year-old client suffered a leg amputation after being in a catastrophic motorcycle accident. Unfortunately, at the time of the accident, he was test driving the motorcycle and did not have insurance.  Oregon revised statute 31.715 (https://oregon.public.law/statutes/ors_31.715) set out stringent limitations on recovering non-economic damages when driving an uninsured vehicle. In accordance with ORS 31.175, an uninsured driver, is precluded from recovering money for his substantial pain and suffering. Despite this, we were able to hire multiple experts to help build his case for economic damages and got him a million-dollar settlement. 

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Motorcycle vs. SUV

Our client was riding his motorcycle when the defendant in a large SUV made a dangerous left turn in front of him causing our client to collide with the SUV.  As a direct result of the crash, our client sustained a closed-head injury, rib fractures, hip fracture, ruptured thoracic aorta, liver and spleen lacerations, and other more minor injuries.  The client was admitted to the hospital where he remained for almost three weeks before being discharged.  Our client spent the next several months in intensive active recovery.  It would take over a year for him to heal from these devastating injuries.  Additionally, our client incurred income loss as he was unemployed at the time of the accident and now unable to look for work post-crash for several months due to his injuries.  Proving income loss was one of the many hurdles we had to overcome before successfully resolving the case.  The insurance company refused to consider wage loss as part of our client’s claim.  Our team was determined to make sure our client was made whole, and that included getting his income loss.  We gathered the necessary information and evidence to successfully force the insurance company to include this loss in any settlement consideration.  After intense negotiations we were able to successfully settle the claim for over $775,000.

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Dog Bite

Our 7-year-old client was severely injured when she was bit in the face by a dog. She suffered facial scarring that required plastic surgery and significant trauma. This was a harrowing event, and we insisted our client was properly compensated.  The key was not only to obtain a significant settlement, but to make sure the money would be available for the child as she matured and potentially required additional medical treatment for physical and/or emotional injuries. We successfully obtained an upfront $500,000.00 settlement and then assisted in setting up a structured settlement, to protect her money until she is 18. In doing so, we were able to ultimately double her final recovery. 

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Claim vs. Bar

Our client and her 2 friends had been drinking alcohol at home and at a bar.  After leaving the bar, one of our client’s friends was driving and lost control of the vehicle causing it to crash and roll multiple times.  Client suffered a traumatic brain injury and other soft tissue injuries.  The driver of the car was arrested and convicted of driving while intoxicated.  His automobile insurance company offered its limits of insurance of $50,000.  We pursued an additional claim against the bar for serving the driver while he was visibly intoxicated.  We retrieved video surveillance from cameras in and around the bar.  We retrieved documents showing the alcohol that was purchased at the bar as well as the blood alcohol level lab tests of the driver.  We also secured an affidavit from the driver wherein he admitted that he was visibly intoxicated when the bar continued to serve him alcohol.  The bar denied fault but after being confronted with the evidence, their liability insurance paid $300,000 to settle the case out of court.

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Dangerous Parking Lot

Our elderly client was returning to her vehicle at the parking lot of a shopping center when she tripped over a broken section of the ground causing serious injuries including a fracture to her wrist, injury to her jaw, and multiple contusions and abrasions.  We reached out to the store to initiate a claim and were directed to their insurance company.  The insurance company refused to accept responsibility and we promptly filed suit against them, as well as the management company responsible for maintaining the premises.  It was clear early on that this would be an uphill battle.  The culpable parties refused to acknowledge their wrongdoing or offer our client any compensation.  We quickly realized this case would require an aggressive stance on our end and rose to the challenge.  We commenced by issuing multiple subpoenas to all third-party contractors associated with performing any maintenance of the premises as well as serving the defendant with multiple discovery requests.  We also conducted a comprehensive investigation including surveillance of the scene, interview of witnesses, and consultation with experts.  Our investigation yielded critical information including evidence of preexisting poor conditions of the premises and failure to act by management.  After taking multiple depositions of defendant personnel, we were confident of our chances at trial.  As the trial date approached the other side finally “saw the light” and agreed to settle with our client for a six-figure settlement.

Shlesinger & devilleneuve attorneys, p.c.

Intoxicated Defendant

Our client was hit head-on by an intoxicated driver.  He suffered serious injuries requiring extensive medical treatment. We presented a claim to the at-fault driver’s insurance company and commenced intense settlement negotiations. Ultimately, they agreed to tender the full policy limits of $100,000.00.  Given our client’s extensive injuries and the punitive nature of the crash, we were not satisfied. We continued to investigate the matter and eventually additional sources from which our client could recover. In performing our due diligence, we were able to find additional insurance from the parents of the driver of the vehicle.  From this additional insurance, we were able to secure an additional $850,000.00 for our client. 

Shlesinger & devilleneuve attorneys, p.c.

Head-on Collision

Our client was hit head-on by a vehicle driven by a driver that had not only medications but marijuana in her system.  Our client was forever rendered incapacitated and in prolonged loss of consciousness/vegetative state.  The lawyers for the driver denied liability and refused to offer an any compensation. We wasted no time and a lawsuit was filed on behalf of our client.  After securing witnesses, prolonged discovery, and extensive case preparation on behalf of our client, we were able to get the driver’s insurance company to pay out their policy limits of $1,000,000!   

Shlesinger & devilleneuve attorneys, p.c.

Car vs. Pedestrian

Young teenager was crossing a street at a crosswalk with a flashing yellow light.  Halfway through the crosswalk he was struck by a distracted driver who failed to see him or the flashing yellow lights.  He was thrown several feet down the road.  The impact was so hard even the car sustained significant front-end damage crumpling the front quarter panel and breaking the front light cover.  The teenager sustained serious bodily injuries including head trauma, a back spinal fracture, left hand fracture, multiple rib fractures, pulmonary contusions, even a cardiac contusion, among other injures.  He was initially ambulanced to the local hospital, but his condition required immediate transportation to Portland for medical assistance.  He was life-flighted to Doernbecher Children’s hospital in Portland for full trauma management.  After extensive treatment, including surgery, he was discharged home where he spent over a year getting further medical treatment.  Fortunately, with time, he was able to recover from most of his injuries.  Unfortunately, he was left with several residual conditions including cognitive deficits.  Our litigation team spent over two years assisting the teenager and his family with his claim.  After securing volumes of evidentiary materials establishing the driver’s culpability, collating extensive medical evidence from scores of providers and experts, we were positioned to fight the case all the way to jury and commenced litigation.  The defense was swayed by our evidence and capitulated.  We secured a large financial settlement providing him with ample compensation and ensuring his future medical and financial needs would all be met.

Shlesinger & devilleneuve attorneys, p.c.

Truck vs. Car

Our client was traveling on the freeway when conditions on the road caused her to slow down.  A truck following her failed to recognize the slowing conditions and rear-ended our client’s car, forcing her off the road where she collided with a tree before coming to a stop.  As a result of the crash our client sustained multiple serious injuries including fractures to her leg, hip, knee, and heel, concussion, lacerations, and abrasions.  She required extensive medical treatment, including a hip replacement.  We realized early on this case would demand immediate action and a lawsuit would need to be filed.  The defense posture intimated their reservation on liability.  They were not convinced our client was reasonable in slowing her vehicle.  We wasted no time and immediately retained an accident reconstructionist to fully examine the vehicle and event data recorder (commonly referred to as the car’s “black box”).  We wanted no stone left unturned and commissioned our expert to also conduct full drone imaging.  By securing liability evidence early on we were able to reconstruct the accident and prove to the defense their client’s culpability.  Confronted with our evidence the defense changed their position and we were successful in securing a $500.000 settlement for our client.

Shlesinger & devilleneuve attorneys, p.c.

Rear-end Crash

Our client was a passenger in a rear-end motor vehicle accident that resulted in an arm amputation and an overwhelming amount of medical bills. As is all too common, innocent victims are frequently injured by judgment proof negligent drivers with inadequate policies. When that happens, we are tasked with conducting comprehensive investigation of all possible insurance policies that may be applicable to the underlying crash.  That is precisely what we did in this case. Our research and investigation revealed multiple polices with potential coverage. In pursuing each policy, we were able to obtain three separate policy limit settlements for him through two different vehicle policies.  After substantial negotiations with his healthcare providers, he walked away with a positive recovery and no outstanding medical expenses. 

Shlesinger & devilleneuve attorneys, p.c.

On-the Job Injured Millworker

Our client was a mill worker who had her arm caught and dragged into a piece of machinery.  The arm unfortunately was severed at the scene of the accident.  Our team immediately prepared the necessary groundwork to ensure our client would receive all the medical treatment she required. In doing so we were able to navigate the workers’ compensation web of red tape and guide our client to obtaining appropriate care which ultimately resulted in her arm being reattached.  We were able to further assist the client with securing ongoing time loss, ongoing medical treatment for the rest of their life and a substantial settlement.   

Shlesinger & devilleneuve attorneys, p.c.

Workers’ Compensation for Elderly Client

Our firm was able to assist an elderly woman with a complicated work injury case.  Due to her advanced age, treatment was denied as the workers’ compensation insurance company cited age as the main reason for the treatment and not the on-the-job injury.   We were able to successfully navigate our client through this process and were able to get her a substantial settlement.  While settlement was ultimately achieved, our legal team had to fight through many hurdles put up by the insurance company and had to further take steps to protect the client with her ongoing Medicare given her age.  There are often multiple fronts that must be addressed in traversing through a workers’ compensation claim and this case was a perfect example of why having an attorney made all the difference. 

Shlesinger & devilleneuve attorneys, p.c.

Workers' compensation – Clocked Out?

SAIF, or other workers’ compensation insurers will always look for any opportunity to avoid paying benefits to injured workers.  In an example of this, our office was able to assist a client who was struck by a vehicle while adjusting road signs for his employer.  The worker compensation insurance company for his employer refused to offer coverage arguing that our client was not on the job at the time he was injured.  Our client was hurt picking up signs that had blown over, after he had clocked out for the day. We successfully argued that the employer expected, or at the very least should have contemplated, that the worker would have picked up blown over signs while at the job site.  After all, he was doing that for the employer’s benefit and should be considered on the job for workers’ compensation benefits.  We prevailed in our position and the client ultimately received a substantial settlement. 

Shlesinger & devilleneuve attorneys, p.c.

Workers' compensation – unaccepted injuries

All too often, the workers’ compensation carrier will extend benefits to an injured worker for some, but not all injuries sustained.  In one such case our firm was able to assist an injured worker who struck a bear while on the job driving a truck for his employer.  The initial impact caused the workers some injuries.  However, as a result of striking the bear, items that were being hauled by the truck shifted forward and made their way into the cab of the truck causing further severe injuries to our client.  The workers’ compensation insurance company initially only accepted sprains and strains for this injured client.  Our office demanded additional conditions be added to the claim so our client can get the full treatment and benefits he deserved.  Our demands were denied by the employer’s worker’s compensation carrier.  Our legal team requested an administrative hearing to challenge those denied conditions and was ultimately successful in not only winning at the hearing but securing a substantial settlement for our client. 

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