Seeking a Personal Injury Claim for a Defective Product

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A defective product can cause harm when we least expect it, especially if it’s an item we’re meant to use regularly. If this harm was caused by the manufacturer or salesperson, you can pursue a personal injury claim in the state of Oregon, but these cases are complicated, and you need to get your information in order.

The Damages

When it comes to a personal injury case, damages can include anything from damage to other possessions, physical harm, or in the most unfortunate of cases, death.

Malfunctioning products can cause serious damage in a variety of ways. For example, you could get an allergic reaction from eating a snack or using a new skincare product, and you can start a fire by using a faulty electronic or broken grill. Make sure you know exactly what happened and that you can prove it was the fault of the product.

Understanding Fault

In all personal injury law cases, you must prove that another party was responsible for the damages. This can be hard to prove in general, but it can be especially complicated for a defective product, as not all damages caused by these products are the result of an actual malfunction or defect.

The allergic reaction could occur if the allergen weren’t clearly labeled or if you simply didn’t check for the warning. The grill fire could be the fault of the company for not providing safety information, the fault of the fuel company for providing a dangerous product, or your fault if you misused the grill despite having the instructions available.

Tracking the Company 

Some companies make themselves intentionally hard to track and thus can’t be pursued no matter how negligent they are. This is especially true if the company is small or cheaply run, as they’re simply trying to sell products and avoid legal trouble later. Make sure only to buy things from trustworthy sources to minimize risk.

If you’re seeking help with a defective product case, contact Shlesinger & deVilleneuve for help today.


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