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Types of Burn Injuries in Personal Injury Cases


Personal injury cases come with a multitude of different injury types and causes. Burn injuries are the most painful and can result from accidents and liability incidents, such as defective products, car accidents, or work-related accidents. If you suffered burns from someone else’s negligence, you deserve compensation for your suffering and losses.


Causes of Burns


Types of burn injuries can be categorized by what substance or energy caused the burn:


1. Thermal burns. When someone thinks of a burn injury, their first thought is usually a thermal burn. They happen when the skin comes in contact with a hot substance, such as fire, boiling liquid, steam, and hot metal or glass. They usually occur in fires, car accidents, or from household injuries.

2. Chemical burns. Often from a work-related or household accident, chemical burns happen when skin is in contact with certain hazardous chemicals. This includes acids, paint thinners, and drain cleaners, among others.

3. Cold burns. Also called frostbite, cold burns occur when your skin is exposed to freezing temperatures or is in contact with a hard object for long enough.

4. Radiation burns. This most commonly results from sun exposure. UV exposure that becomes a radiation burn can also come from extended exposure from X-ray machines, radio wave radiation, microwaves, and other machines.

5. Electrical burns. These often result from workplace and at-home accidents. They occur when electrical currents come in contact with skin, and their severity depends on the electricity voltage and type of wind.

6. Friction burns. Most common in car or motorcycle accidents, road rash, is a type of friction burn.


Suffering From Burn Injuries


If you’re dealing with the aftermath of burn injuries resulting from someone else’s negligence and failure of care, you should talk with a personal injury attorney. The sooner you contact Shlesinger & deVilleneuve, the sooner we can begin putting together your case and gain you compensation for the injuries you’ve sustained.

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