Shut Off and Pocket Your Smartphone

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A Simple Way to Live Longer – Shut Off and Pocket Your Smartphone

If you are looking for the best exercise routine, the perfect diet or another way to extend your life, look no further. Researchers have found the single most important action every living adult person can do every day to dramatically increase your odds of living to a healthy old age. So what is this magic elixir? The single most effective way to live longer is to make it a habit of turning off your smartphone and putting it in your pocket before you get behind the wheel of your motor vehicle.

Shut Your Phone Off Before Getting Behind The Wheel
The simple habit of turning off your phone and securing it in your pants will prevent drivers from becoming distracted by incoming phone calls, text messages, and smartphone app notification. Distracted driving is the leading cause of automobile accidents and deaths in certain younger age groups with a propensity to use their phones while driving. From the point of view of automobile accident statistics, shutting off your cell phone is equally as important as not driving while intoxicated.

Put Your Phone in Your Pocket So You Can Find It!
Putting your smartphone in your pocket and not in your bag or leaving it on the seat is critical because should you get into a serious accident, you will know where it is after the accident occurs and you will be able to reach it to immediately call for emergency medical services, a.k.a., call 911. Automobile accidents can be violent collisions and the occupants and the items in the car can be sent flying every which way, sometimes out of the vehicle and scattered for hundreds of yards. If you have not secured your phone in your pocket it will be nearly impossible to find it in the immediate aftermath of an automobile collision. Seconds count and having immediate access to your smartphone could save your and your family’s lives.

Since young adults are the most likely to be distracted drivers, it is up to parents and driving instructors to emphasize the need for them to shut off their smartphones and put them in their pockets prior to getting behind the wheel of the car. As adults, we need to set an example and shut off your phone and put it in your pocket and insist that your children who are now old enough to drive do the same. Remember, modelling positive and safe behavior to young impressionable minds is just as important as talking to them about it.

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