3 Ways to Avoid Car Accidents This Fall

With schools back in session and more residents back at work, driving carefully is more important now than ever. As seasons change, you’ll have to keep track of how the weather impacts the roads to avoid accidents. There are three main things you can do to avoid getting into an accident due to fall weather, […]

Avoiding Winter Driving Accidents

No matter how severe the weather may get in the winter, it is important to understand how to properly navigate the roads in all types of weather. A car accident can result in numerous complications for yourself and anyone else involved in the incident. This can be draining emotionally, mentally, and financially. Before getting behind […]

What Should I Do if Someone Hits My Parked Car

We trust the safety of our vehicle when parking in a grocery store lot, parking on the street in front of a restaurant, and in any other situations where we leave our car at a location other than our driveway. Distracted driving, impaired driving, speeding, and general negligence can still happen in these areas which […]

How Long Should I Wait to Call an Attorney After Being Injured

When disaster strikes — and you or a loved one have been injured through an accident or negligence — it’s natural to hope for the best. Often this involves hoping that the party responsible for the injury will do the right thing. Unfortunately, hope alone will not protect your rights or hold negligent parties accountable. […]

Will a Personal Injury Settlement Affect Social Security

Personal injuries can be life-changing. Your health and ability to function properly in day-to-day life can be greatly impacted by a personal injury. Social security disability benefits are one of the few relief options available to those who are not able to work due to their injury. If you rely on social security benefits to […]

How To Avoid Vehicle Accidents

At Shlesinger and deVilleneuve, we have represented thousands of clients who have been in vehicle accidents. This experience makes us uniquely qualified to advise you how best to avoid vehicle collisions in the first place. Stay Safe on the Road The best way to stay safe on the highway is to follow all applicable driving […]

Dealing with Defective and Dangerous Toys

For many residents of Oregon, winter is a time to get together with the ones you love and exchange gifts. This introduces all sorts of exciting new objects into the households. While some of these provide thrilling new sources of entertainment, others may prove to be a dangerous health hazard in disguise. Children, in particular, […]

Motorcycle Safety Tips for Fall Riding

While most people imagine summer as the best time for motorcycle riding, many seasoned riders actually prefer to take their long journeys during autumn. Perfect riding weather commences with the change into fall, as moderate temperatures combine with the incomparable beauty of changing leaves. However, these comfortable conditions and striking views come with a host […]

3 Reasons Moped Accidents in Oregon Should Be Taken Seriously

Often times, when you think of accidents that occur on two wheels, motorcycles spring to mind. While it is very true that motorbike accidents occur often and have a high risk of fatalities, mopeds are equally as dangerous on the road. Do not be fooled by the fact that they travel at a slower speed. […]