How Long Should I Wait to Call an Attorney After Being Injured

When disaster strikes — and you or a loved one have been injured through an accident or negligence — it’s natural to hope for the best. Often this involves hoping that the party responsible for the injury will do the right thing. Unfortunately, hope alone will not protect your rights or hold negligent parties accountable. […]

Tips For Preparing for a Consultation with your Attorney

Your initial consultation with your attorney is a great opportunity for you to feel out the attorney and make sure you are comfortable with your choice about the law firm and lawyer. To make sure you are a good fit, consider the following checklist. Plan Ahead for Your Meeting First, write down a short narrative […]

What Is Loss of Consortium? Understanding This Important Personal Injury Claim

When a loved one experiences a serious injury, navigating life after the incident can be much different than before the accident. In fact, you may feel as if your relationship with your loved one has been forever changed. If this has been your experience after a loved one’s injury, you may be able to bring […]