Filing a Personal Injury Claim for Your Child

Parents always do all they can to protect their children to the best of their abilities.  Unfortunately, even with a diligent, watchful eye, accidents can happen. In some instances, these accidents and injuries can be caused by the negligence of someone else. For example, a restaurant may forget to turn off a hot plate, or […]

Getting Help After a Car Accident

Every attorney who has worked traffic collision cases has heard the dismissive explanation “it was an accident — I don’t know what I want to do.” It’s the well-meaning victim embarrassed to ask a lawyer to push for justice for what others might inaccurately deem an innocent mistake. This isn’t uncommon. Many of us have […]

3 Simple Ways to Prevent Workplace Repetitive Stress Injury

Did you know repetitive stress injuries are eligible for workers’ compensation in the state of Oregon? This particular type of claim can pose some challenges. You must be able to prove your repetitive stress injuries, prove the injuries are work related, file the claim in time, prove you’re eligible for disability benefits, and ensure you […]

What to Do After an Accident

The moments after an accident, even one that you might consider relatively minor, will be hectic and you may struggle to collect your thoughts. It’s sensible to think every once in a while, about what you will do if you’re involved in a collision. Imagine this common scenario: You’ve just merged onto the highway on […]