The Basics of Personal Injury Cases

Many individuals in Medford, OR, are unaware that if they sustain an injury caused by another party’s negligence, they have the legal right to hold them accountable. Personal injury law states that you can receive compensation if you can prove another party caused you physical, mental, or emotional injury. The law is fairly specific, but […]

Should I Report a Dog Bite in Oregon

Dogs can be loyal, our best companions and fun to have in the household, but accidents happen. You may be meeting a friend at the park, only for their dog to act aggressively and bite your leg. It’s common to feel confused in this situation, as you may be unsure if you should report the […]

Handling a Premise Liability Case in Oregon

If you get hurt on someone else’s property, whether it’s a commercial location or a private home, there is a chance that the property owner could be held responsible. The key comes from understanding how premise liability works in Oregon. Establishing the Injury Before you can even determine whether you have a case against the […]

Most Common Causes of Slip-And-Fall Injuries

We’ve all slipped and fallen at some point in our lives, and while many cases may simply end with mild embarrassment and minor injuries, others can be rather serious. Understanding the most common causes of slip-and-fall injuries will allow you to keep yourself and others safe from accidents in the future. Wet or Icy Floors […]

Filing a Personal Injury Claim for Your Child

Parents always do all they can to protect their children to the best of their abilities.  Unfortunately, even with a diligent, watchful eye, accidents can happen. In some instances, these accidents and injuries can be caused by the negligence of someone else. For example, a restaurant may forget to turn off a hot plate, or […]

Finding Proof in a Personal Injury Case

A personal injury law case may be a particularly complex matter to pursue. There are a lot of elements that need to be proven true, including the injuries and damages sustained and the fault of a third party acting out of negligence or malice. It may feel as though the situation is working against you, […]

Can You Seek a Personal Injury Claim Against a Cat

Personal injury claims that involve animals most typically involve injuries caused by dogs. This makes sense since dogs are larger, and tend to be more territorial about their property. Dogs can also be trained to be aggressive towards strangers. Dogs that do attack tend to cause more damage as well due to their size and […]

Difference Between Personal Injury and Workers Compensation Cases

Although they are very similar, there are a few major differences between a personal injury and worker’s compensation case. Knowing the differences between the two is crucial, especially if you find yourself trying to decide between the two for a claim. If you file under the wrong case type, you may not recover the damages […]

Tips for Avoiding Accidents in the Snow

Snow and other extreme weather conditions can contribute to car accidents, even with the most minimal snow coverage. It is important to be prepared for any weather conditions and to drive appropriately to avoid accidents. Tips to Follow  Winter driving can be dangerous, especially for those who aren’t familiar with driving in poor weather conditions. […]

What Is Pain and Suffering in a Personal Injury Claim

When it comes to personal injury claims, you’ll often hear the term pain and suffering used when evaluating damages. The terms pain and suffering are used to describe both the physical and mental anguish that arose due to the incident. While the phrase may be familiar, what it means might not be as clear. When […]