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Shlesinger & deVilleneuve Attorneys and particularly attorney Shayla Steyart helped save my life as I know it. I highly recommend her. Following is my little story: A large pickup truck drove into me and my Honda Civic in July 2017, while I was stopped waiting for a red light. Local store managers witnessed that the truck did not even slow down. My car was totaled and I was whiplashed which put my back and vertebrae into a condition requiring surgery. I contacted and visited attorney Shayla Steyart after my first set of x-rays and MRI's. Shayla was supportive and immediately cautioned me not to deal with any of the insurance companies involved, who of course questioned all the bills and later offered a small settlement, but instead to forward all correspondence, bills, and Medicare problems to her. Believe me, when you’re in the kind of pain I was in, then dealing with an unusual amount of more post-surgical pain, and then debilitated by being strapped into a brace and having to use a walker for 3 months you are not in a position to even think, much less fight with insurance, Medicare, and other bill collectors. Shayla and her staff took care of everything, leaving me free to concentrate on healing and doing my physical therapy. She was reachable, attentive and articulate. Ms. Steyart is professional in the extreme and I am certainly glad I got her on my side. She got all the bills paid, and later got me a reasonable settlement, far in excess of what I was originally offered by the insurance companies. Although I may never be the same physically as I was before the "accident" Shayla Steyart's professional help has given me back my life and my ability to continue working as a professional and commercial photographer.
Dennis Anderson
Having grown up locally in the Rogue Valley with a small blue-collar working family that wasn’t very proactive about health or legal issues, I was never confident about my ability to navigate an insurance company’s language or policies. I was left feeling hopeless after a complicated motorcycle accident in June of 2017 where I sustained significant injuries to my shoulder and lower back. I tried with little success to find resources and navigate the personal injury claim process. After seeing an advertisement for Shlesinger & deVilleneuve regularly during my commute for work, I called assuming I would be told essentially the same thing I heard from everywhere else - “sounds like a long shot, good luck” Instead I was directed to Shayla who immediately asked me when I might be able to come in and speak with her in person. She was personable, prompt, honest and concise throughout the claim process. She handled the complexity of my case with confidence and kept me informed of what to expect as things progressed. Every time we spoke, I felt that she understood how challenging and intimidating the process could be for her clients. She didn’t miss a single detail of my case and made sure we captured the highest settlement possible. Shayla and her firm have truly changed my life. I believe there is no one who could have done better, and I will absolutely recommend Shayla to any friends or family struggling with a personal injury claim.
Merlin Stewart

I live in Canada. While my husband and I were on our honeymoon, driving the Oregon coast, we got into a car accident which was not our fault. I felt very lost, scared and confused. After much research and talking to multiple law offices in the states I didn’t feel the connection to any of them, untill I discovered Shlesinger & deVilleneuve Attorneys. After my first conversation with them on the phone I knew I was in good hands, my stress level dropped. Not being a U.S. resident I was unsure how to handle my situation. I was injured and unable to work. This law firm dealt with my international claim without skipping a beat. My attorney (Derek Snelling) got me a good settlement and his legal assistant was beyond amazing, very quick responses to emails and answered all my questions without hesitation. All in all, I recommend this law firm, 5 stars.

Joanne Guzda

Melinda Hernandez was extremely proficient in handling all the requirements of my case. My case took over 2 years and a face to face with the judge and Melinda’s expertise with handling all the necessary paperwork was amazing. Several times I wanted to quit and she was patient and understanding and was the reason I kept going with the extremely long and very tiring process. I cannot sing her praises enough and the attorneys are lucky to have her and whatever they are paying her, it is not enough!! Emily Shack was my attorney and she helped me thru my nervousness and the questioning at my hearing. My case was approved and I couldn’t have done it without them! I would recommend them if you are looking for a disability advocate.


Someone pulled out in front of me while I was riding my motorcycle. The medical bills from that were around $300,000. Marcy Middleton and the rest of the team at Shlesinger and deVilleneuve fought hard for me, working with each of the many care providers and was able to completely relieve me of all debts pertaining to the accident. That was such a huge relief because the billing offices for the providers were very aggressive about collecting payments, and my PIP insurance money had long since been exhausted, before I even got on my life-flight. Imagine how surprised I was when after Marcy paid all my bills in full, she said she’d be mailing me a HUGE check to do with whatever I wanted. I’d certainly recommend this company to anyone who’s been injured like I was, and needs help with debt relief. Absolutely amazing.

Ronald Heike’s

I was involved in two auto accidents within 6 months of each other. I sustained a concussion from each accident and the car insurance was not being cooperative about helping me with my recovery. I decided to hire Emily Shack and, in the process, met her assistant Jan Marie. Both of them have gone above and beyond for me in this struggle with State Farm. Jan Marie and Emily went to bat making sure I was able to get all my doctor appointments and recovery taken care of by State Farm. Thank you, Jan Marie and Emily for everything you’ve done for me in these two years. It has felt like a blessing to know someone was fighting for me and I didn’t have to sweat how I was going to get all the bills covered or paid.

RaeAnne Williamson

Brian Green at Shlesinger & deVilleneuve was absolutely great. He and his staff kept me well informed of exactly what was going on in a very timely manner supplying me with constant updates and when the insurance company tried to deny my lost wages for the two months that I couldn’t work because of my broken ribs Brian fought for me and made sure that I got compensated for that lost work time. Being the passenger in a vehicle and being put out of work for two months makes you feel helpless. Brian and Gwen made me feel like I still had a chance and came through the best they possibly could and I am very thankful.

Ralph Blankenship

My wife was attacked by a pit bull and suffered a broken leg and other injuries. Mr. Shlesinger and his staff not only won the case for her, but also helped set her back on the road to recovery with their kindness, concern, and continual support. When she was housebound due to her injuries, Mr. Shlesinger visited her in our home. My wife will never forget that. This is a professional and very kind law firm that cares about victims and works hard to bring fair compensation to those victimized. In my wife’s recovery, Shlesinger and deVilleneuve has played a huge part!

Tom Bob

I came upon Mr. deVilleneuve online while searching for an attorney after I was involved in a car accident. From the beginning, the staff at Shlesinger & deVilleneuve were friendly and professional. They always kept me informed of anything and everything going on with my case. Mr. deVilleneuve took the time to explain to me exactly how my case could play out, how court proceedings may go, and what the best outcome would be for my case. I really appreciated his experience and recommend him to anyone needing a great accident attorney. They will make the process as smooth and painless as can be!

Jimmi Sue Lovett

I highly recommend Shlesinger & deVilleneuve if you need help with applying for Social Security Disability benefits, or if you have been denied and have to request a hearing. They are the place to go, Melinda Hernandez was amazing… Anytime I had a question or didn’t understand something, she was there to clarify what Social Security was asking for. She always kept me informed of what steps were coming up and what we needed to do for the process. When it came time for my hearing Emily walked me through what was going to happen, and to reassure that it was all going to be ok. Shlesinger & deVilleneuve will help…

Helen Dias

Emily Shack was absolutely fantastic!! She handled my extremely complex case with the utmost respect and professionalism. She took the burden off my shoulders in a time when I needed help. She and her amazing paralegal Melinda handled every aspect of the documentation, charting, scheduling, records and anything else that needed to be done. I no longer was on my own. All I had to do was concentrate on health. She took care of my social security claim. I would recommend her 100%. They truly care about their clients.

Rebecca Gibbs

I have dealt with a couple other law firms and one non-profit organization and Shlesinger & deVilleneuve I feel have done everything that they said they were going to do when they said they were going to do it. Miss Hernandez had no problem communicating to me and keeping me in the loop on a daily, weekly or biweekly interval concerning my Social Security. Head and shoulders above the others I’ve had the misfortune of having to deal with. I also feel that my case was dealt with quicker than expected. I highly recommend this law firm.

I have never had an attorney before and very much worried about the costs and expenses of getting one to help me with my case, but after I talked to my attorney at Shlesinger & deVilleneuve, I was very happy. My attorney would answer any question I had and he also kept me updated with what was going on. I am very happy with my attorney and all the help I got from him. I wouldn’t choose another attorney’s office to have helped me with my case.

Alicia Calhoun

Itzik Shlesinger and his team helped me through my car accident case effortlessly and painlessly. I really appreciated everything Liz and Itzik did to make sure I was getting the physical therapy and help I needed to recover. They cared about me as a person, not just another case. Very professional but human too! That’s hard to come by in this world sometimes. I am grateful for everything they did. I recommend them constantly and will continue to do so!

Isabel Chavez Paulus

When you are at one of the worst points in your life you need people behind you who understand. Melinda was amazing! I can’t even say enough about her hard work and caring personality! You feel as though you are the only client. She calls you back and always does what she says she is going to do. I do recommend Emily as an attorney; however, I feel Melinda needs to be mentioned for her knowledge, expertise she displays.

Kim Bardin

I was injured in an auto accident, and after a very short time, my insurance company refused to pay my medical bills and lost wages. My doctor told me this was not right, and suggested I get an attorney. Mr. Shlesinger took my case. He was honest about our chances, and put no pressure on me to make any decisions. In the long run he was able to get my insurance company to pay my full coverage, and also got a good settlement from the insurance company of the person who hit me.

Karen Perkins

When I was struck from behind it was one of the worst experiences of my life, then came all of the appointments and therapy. Frustrated I called Shlesinger & deVilleneuve. Once I handed David the case things moved very swiftly and I was very pleased with the results that David and Shayla we’re able to produce. It was an easy process to go through thanks to them. I would highly recommend their services.

Michael Brown

They are the best team! They are always there for you. They never leave you in the dark. They take the time to listen to you. They always call you back. They always keep you updated of your case!! So happy that I found them, no regrets!! They are the best team. They work together! I would mention names but I’m scared I would leave someone out. They are the best!!!! Thank you all for everything you have done 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

Natalee Alcorn

I could not have asked for more! Shlesinger & deVilleneuve have represented me in both a caring and compassionate way!!! Brian Green and David Weber took on my case starting with a worker’s comp claim and into a disability claim… were beside me every step of the way… the whole staff took the greatest care to be sure all the I’s were dotted and the T’s crossed!! Couldn’t give a higher recommendation!! Thanks to you. All my cases were a complete success!!

Donald Dupre

Let me start by saying that this is my first review. So, this is kind of a big deal for me. From the moment that I made that call, Melinda Hernandez and Emily Shack were great. They answered questions, always responded timely and made sure that I understood the process. Knowing that they had my back and were always just a phone call away was comforting. I can’t say enough about Melinda, she’s awesome. Yes, I would highly recommend them.

Julie Gasperino

I called Shlesinger & deVilleneuve out of desperation begging for help in my 5-year battle with Social Security. I met with them and they said they could help me. So that they did. Within months I was approved for SSD. Got my benefits in a couple months and it couldn’t have happened soon enough. I should have called them 5 years ago. Great firm, Super nice and professional staff. Thank you.

Jeffery Buck

Emily Shack, her assistants and everyone involved in the representation of my personal injury case have gone above and beyond to keep me updated as to the status of my case and seek the maximum benefit allowed to settle. Top notch legal representation for your personal injury needs. I recommend them whole heartedly!

Todd Brownson

Brian and Dave were both great to work with. They kept me updated as to the status of my case. I had been denied twice, so I let them take over. My case was approved. I am very thankful for all their help. They even called to check in with me after a procedure done at the hospital. Great experience.

Cindy Penecale

We are so pleased with Brian Green and his team! It was a long, hard road but with his knowledge of the law, compassion, and understanding, my husband was approved for his benefits and now we can move on with our lives and he can focus fully on his health and healing. Thank you so much!

Lenore Carfora-Nye

Brian Green is a really great attorney and he helped me through my worker’s compensation process. All of the people who work there are very kind and will always answer any questions that you may have. Couldn’t ask for a better experience than having Brian Green for my attorney!

Faith Grey

My insurance company stopped paying my doctor bills. I needed a lawyer fast. A family member recommended Shlesinger and deVilleneuve. Within 60 days everything was taken care of. Nicest people. Thank you, Jamie and Marcy, for listening to all my pain and suffering that I have been dealing with.

Sherri Clinkenbeard

My experience was more than I expected. Brian Green and David Weber kept in contact with me, kept me fully informed of what was being done and needed to be done. They guided me along the way, and if I had any questions, they got back to me directly. I couldn’t have asked for a better team. Thank you for all you’ve done, you are the best.

Robin Day

I can’t say enough good things about them! I’ve never gone through needing to get a lawyer for anything in my life, Shayla was patient with me and explained anything I had questions about. Thank you so much!

Tori Blur

Brian Green at Shlesinger and deVilleneuve was very professional and helpful, taking much time to help us with our claim. Communication was always very easy and everything was always done in a good timely manner. Our family greatly appreciates all the help we received from them. I will definitely recommend this business in the future.

Kayla Southy

I’m very thankful that I chose this wonderful law firm to represent me in my case. They worked very hard in proving the liability in this case. We were blessed and won a good settlement. They work beyond expectations. I highly recommend these people to anybody, and I do. Thank you so much for all your hard work and helping me get the settlement that I truly deserved.

Bethany Van Patten

The day I walked into their office they helped me and showed me the direction I needed to take and from there they took care of the rest. Everything was a breeze. I really appreciated their time, their efforts, and the outcome. Thank you again. I would recommend you to everyone I know. Thank you.

David Cullmer

I was blessed with attorney Brian Green, who is an amazing attorney. He took my claim, just days before my hearing. It was a pleasure to work with his team, who raced to get all of my medical information in time. He studied my condition and was willing to fight for me. If I could give Brian and his team 6+ stars I would! Thank you so much!!!!

Brenda Sanborn

David Weber and Brian Green were friendly and helpful during the entire process. They had a lot of patience to have to deal with me and my anxiety lol. I highly recommend them if you’re in need of a lawyer for SSDI or Workers Compensation. They had a great staff and was only a phone call away to answer any and all questions I had. This is the law firm that wins cases. Thank you.

Brian Bowman

Mr. Brian Green workers comp attorney, and his staff will always have time for their clients. Navigating workers comp is easy with Brian and his staff. Their staff is great even when I got super frustrated at the system, Bianca is a great assistant, she listened to all my B.S. … Thank you for your help.

Matthew Savage


I would like to take the time to thank Brian Green and his staff Lidu, Blanca, Alicia & Cliff. You’re an amazing team and I feel so blessed to have had your representation on my case. Not only did you win my case, you saved my job! That was the most important item to me. I have already referred you. You guys ROCK!!!!!

Trudy O’Donal


I highly recommend! I’m so glad I reached out and had Itzik Shlesinger fight for me in regards to an automobile accident years ago. The process was super easy and quick and they even gave me a gift after it was all said and done.

Destiny Davis


I cannot say enough about how kind and knowledgeable Melinda was. She walked me through the process every step of the way and was always in my corner! I highly recommend Shlesinger & deVilleneuve attorneys.

Amber Oliver


Such a wonderful company! Brian Green, his colleagues, and assistants were all so great to work with. Every call or question was answered immediately. Every conversation full of care and compassion. Every decision full of our very best interest in mind. They made a tragic situation so much easier by fighting for us!

Marlena Teague


Fantastic People. I received the greatest service. From the young lady answering phone to my lawyer have all been great. My case was a small one, yet I was treated like I had a million dollar case. It is so true “They fight for you” If I ever have the need I will only go there. Thank you, Lori, Emily and the rest of your team.

Penny Harmon


Brian Green and his staff are professional, knowledgeable and helpful. There was always someone available to answer my questions in a timely manner. Brian handled everything for me so I was able concentrate on healing and not worry about the legal stuff…definitely recommend.

Tracy Crutchley


They communicated well, and always got back to me in a reasonable amount of time. If my attorney couldn’t call, her assistant always did. Very helpful in a stressful situation. I always felt they were looking out for my interest!

Bob Avery


Emily and Melinda went above and beyond for me. They are so kind, compassionate, and understanding. I felt at ease knowing they were in my corner. They were with me every step of the way and handled everything for me. I’m so thankful for them. I highly recommend Shlesinger and deVilleneuve Attorneys.

Jade Duke


Brian Green went above and beyond to help me win my case. He was always in my corner and always there to answer any questions I may have had. He’s an excellent attorney. I can’t thank him enough for all he has done for me.

Laurie Frei


They were very professional and worked hard to get my case settled in a timely manner. If I ever need a lawyer again in the future, I will definitely call Let us fight for you!!! Highly recommend this office. Thank You.

Terri Rivera


Great communication between me and Brian Green made it very helpful with what was going on with my case. I don’t know what I would have done without his knowledge and guidance. Thank you very much with everything.

Richard W Chamberlain


They are amazing! If you EVER need any help, they are the ones to call. They kept me informed and answered any questions I had. Always had a smile in their voices! Thank you all so much for what you did for my son.

Alesha Stonesifer


I turned to Shlesinger & deVilleneuve to represent me in my disability case. They were very pleasant, helpful & professional throughout the whole process. I would highly recommend their company.

Debbie Reifers


From the very start of my Disability Claim, this Office guided me every step of the way. A SPECIAL THANK YOU to MELINDA HERNANDEZ for being so kind and caring dealing with my disabilities, and being very knowledgeable. We got the approval at the initial level. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS LAW FIRM. With much THANKS,

Susan Petty


Extremely pleased with Itzik Shlesinger and Shlesinger & deVilleneuve. They were very professional from the beginning to the end. I would most definitely refer them to all my friends & family!!

Amy McKinney


When I went to Shlesinger & deVilleneuve Attorneys the entire staff was very friendly and helpful. They are a great office with amazing attorneys. I highly recommend going to them with your legal issues.

Lil Breezy


Jan Marie is the best!! thanks to her dedication and due diligence I will finally sleep tonight! she went above and beyond the call of duty for me, I can’t thank her enough, thank you Jan Marie!!

Linda Mallory


A big thank you to Brian Greene and David Weber for handling my case so professionally! You were patient beyond belief and so supportive! I would recommend you to anyone needing help!!!

Vickie Setzer


I recommend those who need help to go to Shlesinger and deVilleneuve attorneys. They are super helpful; they were able to understand and help my needs. Thank you Shlesinger and deVilleneuve attorneys for your help and support.

Ariel Chatman


They will make sure that you are taken care of and treated how you want to be treated. I can’t be happier with them and I wouldn’t recommend going to any other over them. Fantastic!

Kylan Browning


Has helped me with many consultations free of charge. Everyone that works here is so friendly and goodhearted. Even if you aren’t sure give them a call, they will help you. Highly recommend.

Valentine Rae


Attorney Emily Shack & her assistant Melinda were extremely helpful in guiding me through the process of getting my SSD approved. I would highly recommend them!

Debbie Preston


They were very professional and extremely helpful. They walked me through the process, answered any questions I had and won my case for me. I am very appreciative.

Susan Staton Atkins


Very professional-no surprises, Hopefully I never have to use them again but if I do need an attorney this would be the company.

Dario Trujillo


Brian green and staff have done wonderful work on my case … And will use them and would highly recommend them to others.. they will fight for you…

Brian Stroud


I have had great experiences with this office! They always answer any questions I have, and I’ve been able to schedule appointments quickly.

JoEllen Feigel


I’m grateful for the representation and for the explanation of my benefits would recommend them to a good friend of mine if I have the chance.

Gilbert Lopez


After years of waiting to get my benefits they wrote a brief and helped prep me for my phone interview hearing. And I got it on the first try.

Billy & April Oconnor

The lawyers there are upfront and honest, and hard-working to get your issues resolved as fast as possible. I appreciate all their hard work on my case.

Nathan Lundquist

Estoy muy agredecida por la atencion que me han brindado con mi proceso de mi caso. Les agradesco y los recomendare en oportunidades. Gracias

Maria Alarcon

I couldn’t have gotten a better attorney then Mr. Green I am most pleased with his services. I would highly recommend him to anyone. Thank you, Mr. Green.

Rosemary Soto

Brian Green, David Weber and Alicia were amazing. So helpful during my husband’s claim for disability. They were compassionate and worked so hard for a good outcome. Thank you!

Sherry Whaley


They called me when they needed me, I’m a truck driver and not having things added to the day to think about is definitely a plus. They do the work, not you!

Dale Russell


My daughter and I decided to go with Shlesinger & deVilleneuve Attorneys because we felt it was the right choice! Thank you so much for helping us!

Joanie McCall


Mr. Green and his team did an incredible job and I was approved today after 3 denials I would recommend him. Thank you guys for all your hard work.

Lyn Benjamin


They are the best!!! Wouldn’t use any other lawyers ever!!!

Angelica Spencer


Shayla was informative and really nice to work with and got results! Thank you Shayla!!

S Kell


Brian has helped me on a couple of cases, and I highly recommend him to anyone.

Tony Herrera


Great communication, friendly staff. I will definitely choose them again to represent me!

Jonell Underwood


Very helpful. Friendly and willing to go the extra mile.

Judy Wegner


They are really helpful. I didn’t know what to expect but they walked me through everything.

Vickie Rhule


The staff is great, always helpful and knowledgeable.

Rick Stapel


Helpful, courteous, and caring- I would definitely use their services in the future!

Justin Graff


Brian is professional, empathetic, and will do his best to be your advocate so you can concentrate on healing.

Becki Kovach


Thank you for all the help. I would definitely recommend to family and friends.

Renee Belflower


Brian Green and Dave Webber worked endlessly to make sure my case was considered. Thank you all for your hard work!!

Doug Duncan


From start to finish, the service I received was professional and helpful. Thank you, Jan Marie, for all you do. 🙂

Sandi Gussenhoven


They won my case for me! Efficient and friendly from beginning to end. Thank you!

Meem Davis


Best personal injury law firm in the state of Oregon hands down! Thank you 😊

Michael P.


Very professional staff. Kimberley goes above and beyond every day.

Virgil Klingman


The best lawyers I’ve ever worked with, and some of the best people I’ve ever met. HIGHLY recommend!

Aren Horsman


They are so nice, kind, and considerate. They do their absolute best to help you out however they can. 10/10!

Lexi Donigan

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