Tips on How to Win a Social Security Appeal

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Social Security benefits are one of the few outlying ways in which disabled individuals can receive monetary support. Some people may not be able to work at all, which makes receiving social security all the more important. If you were denied social security benefits, you can appeal the decision and hire a lawyer to help you get the benefits you need to live.

When you start your appeals case, there are a few ways you can help increase the chance of a successful appeal:

  • Read up on the appeals process. Starting the appeals process is relatively simple, but it has a few certain requirements which you must follow. When you were denied social security, the letter of denial from the Social Security Administration (SSA) set you will have an appeals form that you can fill out to help you support your claim. The given space is relatively small–only a few lines–but you can write “See attached page” if the length of your explanation is longer than what they have given.
  • Get a supporting opinion from your doctor. Getting a supporting opinion from your doctor that has your relevant medical information can significantly increase your chance for a successful appeal. The specifics of the opinion should include what you can and cannot do while outlining that you are in need of social security benefits. At the first level of appeal, a doctor’s opinion will do little to help you, but on the disability, hearing having a doctor’s opinion will raise the success greatly. Your doctor should file the SSA RFC assessment form, which you can call the SSA to ask them for the form.
  • Hire a representative. Hiring a social security lawyer who specializes in appeals can help you through the appeals case. It can be not only overwhelming going through the appeals process but also severely limit the success rate of your appeal without representation. Shlesinger & deVilleneuve specializes in personal injury and social security disability cases.

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