Understanding Worker’s Compensation in Oregon

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Worker’s compensation exists to help anyone who got hurt on the job, as it’s the responsibility of the employer to minimize risk and ensure their employees are safe. In Oregon, the complexity of these laws may make it hard to know what you’re entitled to and when.

You Need to Do It Soon

After an injury, it’s natural for the initial response to be to take a break and take some time to recover. Unfortunately, seeking time off can harm your ability to get compensated, as you need to report these events quickly before you run into a legal time limit. Speak up as soon as you can to avoid more stress down the line.

You’re Dealing With an Insurance Company

Getting your compensation isn’t as simple as just confronting your boss. These things aren’t handled by your employer directly, that employer’s insurance company usually handles them, and they won’t want to make it easy. This is why a professional should be around, to help you seek the help you’re entitled to and to accept nothing less.

You Need to Know Your Rights 

Above all, you need to know what you deserve and be willing to fight for those things. Worker’s compensation includes medical care, various forms of monetary compensation, and in the case of wrongful death, benefits for the surviving family members. Don’t let yourself suffer without proper compensation. Know what you’re entitled to and understand that your employer can’t take away these rights.

Get Help 

Of course, these situations are complicated and stressful and may feel like an endless battle in addition to the suffering you’ve already gone through. You need a legal team who understands Oregon law and cares about getting you the rights you deserve without unnecessary hassle in the meantime. Shlesinger & deVilleneuve can help.

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