Were You or Your Child Bit by a Dog?

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If you or your child were bitten by a dog, then you may be wondering what you can do about compensation for the attack. Not only will you have physical and emotional issues, but you will also have expenses from hospitals and doctor visits.

Trauma on young children can last their whole lives!  Depending on the situation, this can be a significant issue for them, even after several decades.

If a dog bites you or your child, make sure to call emergency medical services for assistance before you do anything else. This ensures that help is on its way.

Find out who the owner of the dog is. Ask them for their name, phone, and address. The contact information is essential if needed at a later date, or have the police/animal control contact them. You should also get information about their homeowner’s or renter’s insurance if they have it and are willing to give it to you.

Call animal control and file a complaint. Make sure that you have a claim against the animal on record, so it doesn’t bite again (hopefully)! If you plan on taking action against the dog owner, then you should have a report with animal control on file. You will want to rely on this report later if needed.

If you can gather evidence and witnesses from the scene, this is important. Video is a great way to get little things you may miss with pictures. It is advised to take photos and videos to make sure the whole scene is documented. You can also record witness statements on your phone. Such recordings should also include phone numbers and names. Document as much as you can for the police.

Once you’ve had your child or yourself examined and are ok to leave the medical facility, you need to contact an experienced attorney to further information. Dog attack cases are complicated and require immediate investigation and preservation of evidence. If you wait too long to call a lawyer, it may be too late.

If you need assistance with a dog bite case in Oregon, contact Shlesinger & deVillenueve for guidance on what to do next!

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