What Are Oregon’s DUII Laws

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One of the worst driving decisions an Oregon driver can make is choosing to get behind the wheel after consuming alcoholic beverages or consuming other intoxicating substances. What constitutes driving while intoxicated in Oregon? What are the penalties? We have compiled a brief guide to Oregon DUII laws below.

Oregon Limits

In the state of Oregon, DUI laws are more aptly known as driving under the influence of intoxicants (DUII) laws, since the law applies to substances other than alcohol. As it pertains to this situation, DUII is defined as driving while mental and physical facilities are altered by an intoxicating substance. A driver can receive a DUII conviction after:

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, an inhalant, or another drug, or
  • Driving with a blood alcohol content at or above 0.8%


Consequences for DUII in Oregon


Anyone convicted of DUII in Oregon is subject to a series of financial penalties, jail or community service time, and drivers’ license suspensions. These penalties vary depending on whether the driver has been convicted of DUI in the past, as well as how much time has elapsed between convictions. Penalties are as follows:

  • First offense – drivers committing a first offense DUII receive:
    • 48 hours to one year in jail, or 80 hours of community service
    • $1000 ($2000 if the BAC was 0.15% or more) up to $6250 fine
    • 1-year driver’s license suspension
  • Second offense – drivers committing a second offense DUII receive:
    • 48 hours up to one year in jail, or another 80 hours of community service
    • $1500 ($2000 if BAC was found to be 0.15% or more) up to $6250 in fines
    • 2 years driver’s license suspension
  • Third offense – rivers committing three or more DUII offenses receive:
    • 90 days to 5 years in jail if two of the convictions were within 10 years
    • $2000 in fines if the person is not imprisoned, up to $125,000 in fines if the person has committed a felony
    • Permanent driver’s license suspension, though the driver may apply for reinstatement after ten years

Were You Injured in a Drunk or Impaired Driving Accident?

DUII is one of the most negligent actions an Oregon driver can take. As a result, in addition to the above fines and penalties, an impaired driver causing an accident will likely need to reimburse any victims for injuries caused by the incident. If you or a loved one received injuries due to a DUII accident, contact the law offices of Shlesinger & deVilleneuve today to request a free consultation.



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