What to Do in a Defective Product Case

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When you think about all the products you rely on regularly in your daily life, you may be a bit shocked. These products are often necessities, and we need them to work properly in order to be safe. Something going wrong without a clear cause may be a sign that the product was defective, and if the defect results in a personal injury, you may have a case. Defective product cases can be a bit complicated to navigate.  Below are some things to consider when thinking of pursuing a product liability claim.

Seek Medical Help

First things first: getting the medical attention you need if you have been injured. Not only will this reduce the stress and pain you have to deal with later, but it will also provide medical records to support your claim of injury later. Proving your injury is an essential part of your claim.

Hold Onto the Product

It may not seem wise to hold onto a defective and dangerous product, but doing so can provide your lawyer with crucial evidence for the case. For instance, the company may try and claim that the product malfunctioned due to incorrect use or wear and tear. This can be discredited if you keep the product with you to demonstrate what happened and how. It will also allow experts on your behalf to examine the product and corroborate your story. Of course, you should store it properly and keep it in a safe place where it cannot cause more damage.

Gather Evidence

To win the compensation you deserve in court, you are going to need to show that the product was defective in some dangerous fashion, caused the injuries you claim it did, and that the manufacturer had a duty of care. It is important to gather evidence early and document whatever you can.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

You should not be trying to handle this all on your own. Defective product cases can be stressful, and working without a lawyer can make it worse.

Instead, contact Shlesinger & deVilleneuve. We fight for everyone in Oregon to ensure people get the money they need to survive a personal injury case, and we are here to help you as well.

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