What to Do With a Defective or Dangerous Toy

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Every year, children and young adults are injured, sometimes severely, when a product fails to meet safety standards. This is especially prevalent with gifts given during the winter holidays, which are steadily approaching. Toys such as boxes, tricycles, rubber balls, balloons, power-writing toys, stuffed toys, and non-motorized scooters are, in fact, the cause of not just injuries but fatalities. Defective toys are hazardous and result in excess stress, anger, and sadness for families who simply want to make their loved ones happy.

If you feel someone’s negligence caused the injury or death of a loved one who played with such a toy or device, an attorney can assist you in seeking financial compensation.

Common Child Injuries Due to Toy Defects

  • Sharp, pointed edges or other defective and dangerous designs
  • Toys containing small parts or detachable components, which can pose a choking hazard
  • Toys that make loud noises and can potentially cause hearing loss for the child
  • Toys that cause heat or acid burns, such as electronic products, which may overheat, or toxic toys with leaking batteries
  • Incorrectly labeled toys, which may pose as safe for a certain age group or lack adequate warnings so as to mislead the consumer
  • Toys packaged with hazardous products that can lead to serious injury or death

Be Aware of Potential Problems

A toy manufacturer that sells a defective product can deal with liability issues. Some of these defects include missing child safety components, components that malfunction, incorrectly attached parts, or defects in the assembly of the product. If a manufacturer is aware of a defect but fails to fix it, they can be held responsible for any injuries due to their negligence. Consumers should cultivate an awareness of defects in the design failure of the company to produce adequate warnings about potential dangers and other hazards.

Shlesinger & de Villeneuve Can Represent You

If you have a child or loved one who was injured by a potentially defective toy, it is important to preserve all evidence. The toy and its parts can prove the liability of the toy manufacturer selling a defective product. Contact our legal team for a free consultation to learn more about your options.

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