What Types of Cases do Personal Injury Attorneys Handle

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I’m David deVilleneuve. I’ve been a personal injury attorney for 29 years and I want to explain to you some of the cases that we take.

Personal injury attorneys will take cases involving any sort of injury or death that results from the negligence of another person. The most common cases that we take tend to be car accident cases, drunk drivers are negligent and cause accidents quite often. People distracted on their cell phones or speeding can cause accidents, those people can be held liable for the injuries they cause other drivers those are cases that we take.

We also take dog bite cases people who have vicious dogs and are negligent in allowing their dogs to get free and injure another person. That is also a case that we would take and obtain settlement money for the injured person.

Another type of case that we take is the slip and trip and fall case. Sometimes people are negligent in the way they maintain their property that can cause someone to fall. An example would be a grocery store if their stocking shelves and they have items that are leaking and they leak onto the floor and if the store does not clean it up in a reasonable amount of time then another person walking through that aisle can slip and fall and be injured. We’ve even had slip-and-fall cases where people have fallen and died those are cases that we take as a personal injury law firm.

Another case that we take is the medical malpractice case. Doctors, nurses, or other medical professionals who have been negligent in the way that they are doing their job. If their negligence results in injury or death that would be a case that we would take and seek compensation for the injured person or the survivors of the person that passed away.

There are other cases that we take many different kinds. If you have any questions or concerns about a particular instance that you are involved in. Give us a call, it’s always a free consultation and we will tell you if, in fact, you do have a case.

Thank You.

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