Whose Insurance Covers an Uber Accident?

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Uber drivers work as independent contractors, not employees, which sometimes makes the terms of insurance foggy. Uber’s insurance policy only covers some situations, while others may fall under the driver’s personal policy. Understanding the differences can help when determining whose insurance should pay for the accident. Here’s a look at some of the basics of Uber’s insurance policy.

Uber’s Accident Policy

Uber covers each driver and passenger with a $1 million policy. While this may sound fabulous at first, the coverage only kicks in under certain circumstances. If the driver is listed in the app as not available at the time of the accident, the insurance policy does not cover the accident.

If their status is available with no passenger, the driver’s personal insurance handles the accident, but Uber will cover $50,000 per injury in addition to the driver’s personal coverage. This situation is the case when the driver is waiting for new passengers, or is in transit to pick someone up.

If the driver is active and carrying a passenger, this is where the $1 million policy kicks in. The driver, the passenger and anyone else injured as a direct result of the Uber driver fall under the policy. However, if for some reason Uber denies coverage for the accident, the driver’s personal insurance is responsible. This is where it gets tricky. Personal insurance does not cover driving for pay, which means there might not be any coverage for the accident at all.

Uninsured Motorist

Uber also carries a $1 million uninsured motorist policy in case the other party does not have insurance. In a hit-and-run or the case of no insurance, Uber will pay up to $1 million in damages for the Uber driver and passengers.

If you are the victim of an Uber crash and have received no compensation, the attorneys at Shlesinger & deVillenueve may be able to help. Give us a call to schedule a free consultation, and we’ll be happy to help get you on the road to receiving compensation for your accident and medical bills.

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